Domestic NFT Project AussieMates Partner With Mental Health Non-Profit LIVIN

Domestic NFT Project AussieMates Partner With Mental Health Non-Profit LIVIN

With a vision to leave no mate behind, AussieMates are saying g’day to non-profit charity partner LIVIN to offer virtual mental health workshops.

Though make no mistake, just because AussieMates is a homage to the best things about Australia, no matter who you are or where you’re from, AussieMates is a place for everyone.

This new partnership also incorporates the successful LIVINWell program that’s based on the mantra ‘It ain’t weak to speak.’ Breaking this down, the hope is to break down stigmas, enhance self-efficacy and critically encourage help-seeking.

AussieMates must be applauded for raising awareness of and offering helpful tools to combat mental health concerns. Mental health in the metaverse matters and AussieMates is building innovative ways which can provide access to support services on a bigger, more affordable scale.

The OECD reported from March 2020 onwards, there was a correlation with COVID-19 and spikes to the prevalence of anxiety, depression and mental distress. It was reported that the extent of this was so widespread that in some countries rates of these health problems doubled.

Though in some good news, an Ernst and Young 2020 social impact analysis projected some extremely favourable outcomes that could blossom from this partnership.

They found, 79 per cent of respondents indicated that engaging with LIVIN helped them make positive changes to their behaviour and own wellbeing.

Also, 82 per cent of those who applied a technique from the LIVINWell programs to help someone, felt it made a positive difference to that person.

AussieMates commitment to building a supportive community through access, education and health is unique. They believe that NFT ownership can empower collectors to tap into a range of wellbeing experiences like health, travel, music and even mentorship to uplift spirits.

Don’t miss out, AussieMates extensive collection of 10,000 distinct Kangaroo NFT’s will be up for public sale on the 7th January 2022. Participate and hop around the metaverse while also getting exclusive membership to the Down Under Club.

Not only will this give you a say in the future of AussieMates but you’ll enjoy seriously good perks and have access to an unbelievable utility.

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