Daylight Agency Launches COVID-19 Crisis Response Unit

Daylight Agency Launches COVID-19 Crisis Response Unit

Daylight Agency, in conjunction with its risk and reputation division First Light Consulting, has launched a dedicated crisis response unit designed to help organisations deal with the dramatic impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The formation of the specialist team of business professionals follows a series of high-level workshops the unit ran across Australia over the past 14 days in conjunction with the Risk Management Institute of Australasia.

The sessions provided mission-critical advice to senior executives seeking to activate and co-ordinate their business continuity planning in the face of the greatest contagion to hit the modern world.

“The response team will operate virtually to meet the needs of senior executives looking for guidance on how to best negotiate the changing environment around them so they can do all they can to keep their businesses operating over the months ahead,” said Chris Gray, Chief Client Officer at Daylight Agency and a Principal Advisor at First Light Consulting.

“It is an understatement to say we are dealing with a new world order. Every business is now confronted with a vastly different operating environment that is testing our organisational resolve and capacity to evolve quickly to new business models.”

Gray said while many organisations had activated business continuity plans since the coronavirus pandemic broke, most are overwhelmed by the sheer complexity of the problems they are now facing across their operations.

“While no-one has all the answers, the response unit we have deployed features specialists with real-world experience who can help advise and guide executives as they look to navigate their way through what is clearly unprecedented times.”

The First Light Consulting Response Team offers expertise in the following areas:

1).  Business continuity planning

2). Crisis communications

3). Workplace/OH&S relations

4). Employee communications

5). Customer and supply chain communications

6). Leadership and cultural challenges

7). Accounting, legal and insurance counsel

8). Branding, PR and reputational support

9). Advice around tapping government stimulus programs.





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