Connoisseur And WildArk Partner Up To Help Save Koalas

Connoisseur And WildArk Partner Up To Help Save Koalas

    Ice cream brand Connoisseur is teaming up with global not-for-profit group WildArk to launch the Connoisseur Koala Rewilding Project.

    With the recent devastations caused by droughts, floods and fires in Australia, the ice cream giant has been inspired to take action in rehabilitating Koalas to help avoid localised extinction events.

    The Connoisseur Koala Rewilding Project will aim to rewild the native koala species in Australia, which was officially classified as endangered earlier this year and has seen a population drop of 30% in the last three years. Without intervention, the species could be extinct by as early as 2050.

    Located on a 1,500-hectare property, 75 minutes from Byron Bay, WildArk and Connoisseur plan to open a wildlife haven called the Mongo Valley Wildlife Sanctuary. This captive to wild program will not only preserve natural habitat, it will help regenerate the koala population with the aim to help save protect the species from extinction.

    With Connoisseur’s support, koala enclosures will be built and used as short-term holding and breeding facilities, and the koala joey’s will gradually be introduced into the wild on the purpose-built sanctuary once weaned.

    Eileen Whitta, Connoisseur’s marketing manager, said: “Connoisseur is extremely excited to be working with the WildArk team again, especially on this first-of-its-kind project that is so important, not only to us but to all Australians. Koalas are a national icon so it’s devastating to think they could become extinct.”

    “As a brand, we’re passionate about sustainability and sustainable initiatives and are thrilled to be able to help bring this project to life and re-build lost habitats, breed and rewild as many koalas as possible.”

    The public can also do their bit to help protect the Koala species via the Connoisseur Koala Rewilding Project. Online donations can be made via the WildArk website.

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