Classical Music Rebranded by Australian Youth Orchestra and Landor

Classical Music Rebranded by Australian Youth Orchestra and Landor

Australian Youth Orchestra (AYO) have launched Momentum Ensemble; a new program and brand identity developed with Landor Sydney to help make classical music more accessible to a wider audience.

The aim of the Momentum Ensemble is to democratise classical music by bringing new interpretations and partnerships to audiences beyond the usual recital hall. The Ensemble is made up of Australia’s best young musicians on the cusp of their professional careers, as they push the boundaries of performance and explore new musical dimensions.

To communicate the AYO’s fresh approach, the Ensemble needed a dynamic and innovative new identity. Much like the musicians – stretching the notes and changing the way people see classical music – Landor designed a brand that would be a continually changing identity, adapting for each performance to reflect the unique content.

“We wanted to create a new brand experience that changed people’s perceptions of the AYO and classical music. Disrupting the industry clichés and capturing the attention of a broader audience, the new brand is designed to be both iconic as well as interpretive,” Landor Sydney design director Matt Morgan said.

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