Charity Imagines What It Would Be Like If Men Needed Tampons

Charity Imagines What It Would Be Like If Men Needed Tampons

WaterAid, a safe water and sanitation charity, has imagined what the world would be like if ‘aunty flo’ visited men every month instead of women.

The ‘If Men had Periods’ campaign is designed to raise awareness of the 1.25 billion women globally who don’t have access to clean water facilities or suffer discrimination for being ‘contaminated’ during their period.

Men are able to surf the crimson wave comfortably with the latest in sanitary products- ‘ManPax Manpons’. The Manpons are “designed by NASA” and have a kevlar skeleton and heated therma-core which makes them super manly.

WaterAid have also created a press release, about how the world would change if men had periods. A third of 2,000 interviewees believe that men would brag about their periods and that they would congratulate and slap each other on the back for overcoming another month’s gruelling battle against nature.

Interviewees also believed that men would update their Facebook statuses to tell everyone that they were on their period (17 per cent), share period emoticons with their friends (20 per cent) and that #imonmyperiod would trend on Twitter (17 per cent).

WaterAid’s chief executive officer Barbara Frost said: “We have had a bit of fun trying to imagine whether attitudes would be different if men had periods.

“Female representation in politics in many parts of the world is still low, so perhaps if men had periods this issue would get the attention that it deserves.  More needs to be done to ‘make it happen’ so that every women and girl has access to water, sanitation and hygiene by 2030.”

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