Cannes Shagging Couple Inspires Bedding PR Stunt

Cannes Shagging Couple Inspires Bedding PR Stunt

If only the bonking couple from last week had had this mattress and pillows it might have made their midnight shenanigans on the Cannes red carpet much more comfy.

The couple caught having a cheeky play around on the carpet early last week have been the inspiration behind a guerrilla-branding stunt.

Keen to capitalise on the exorbitant amount of chatter the rooting duo had generated, both at Cannes and around the world, the creative team at Russian agency, Hungry Boys, brainstormed a number of ideas to continue the conversation.

The end result, according to AdWeek, was a mattress and two pillows placed on the red carpet with the words etched on the pillows “It is your last night in Cannes. Make it more comfortable”.

Image via AdWeek.

Image via AdWeek.

The mattress was placed on the red carpet for passersby to have a giggle at, with around 60 people gathering together for a photo, according to one of the creatives behind it, group creative director Valery Volchetsky.

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