Burger King France Spruiks Back To The Future With ‘Hovertray’

Burger King France Spruiks Back To The Future With ‘Hovertray’

Among a hoard of other brands jumping on the DeLorean bandwagon, Burger King France early this morning issued a media release congratulating the recipient on making it to 2015.

Within the short letter, of which is in full below, the Burger Chain reveals its hovertray, a way to hold your food so you don’t have to.

burger king bttf

And if you don’t have a seat, no worries.

However, if you do, says the video, you don’t need a hovertray. It just makes you look cool.

The execution was created by ad agency Buzzman.

Yesterday was the day Mart McFly and Doc Brown went back to the future in the second movie in the franchise. #BackToTheFuture was trending on Twitter, numerous brands and celebs were picking apart the movie discussing what was spot on and what wasn’t.

The CEO of ADMA, Jodie Sangster, penned her thoughts for B&T about how far marketing has come, as did the guys at programmatic company Rocket Fuel.


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