‘Breast Milk’ Now Available For Breast Cancer Cure

‘Breast Milk’ Now Available For Breast Cancer Cure

The New Zealand branch of Y&R has launched a campaign to raise awareness and help cure breast cancer with ‘breast milk’ now available.

No, of course it’s not real breast milk, it’s the cows’ milk that funds the cure for breast cancer and it’s available from today.

The specially packaged Lewis Rd Creamery Blue Top Milk for Breast Cancer Cure contributes 20 cnets from the sale of every 1.5 litre bottle directly to the researchers who work tirelessly to create a future free of the fear of breast cancer for New Zealand women.

“New Zealand has one of the highest rates of incidence and the third highest death rate from breast cancer in the western world,” said Phillipa Green, Breast Cancer Cure general manager.

“However, a cure is within reach we just need the funds to support the most outstanding and visionary research and researchers in New Zealand.

“Bold and brave ideas like Breast Milk are a fantastic way for us to raise money and awareness of our goals and to bring us closer to finding a cure.”

Breast Milk copy

The idea was conceived by Y&R NZ for Breast Cancer Cure who collaborated with Lewis Rd Creamery to make it a reality.

“Breast Cancer Cure is brilliantly single-minded in their mission – find a cure for breast cancer. Breast Milk provides household shoppers with a way to fund that research in the simplest possible way, by switching their weekly blue top purchase to Breast Milk. The more kiwis that make the switch the faster Breast Cancer Cure can cure breast cancer,” said the Y&R NZ creative team behind the idea, Kate Lill and Zoe Edwards.

New Zealand has one of the highest breast cancer rates in the world. One in nine kiwi women will be diagnosed with the disease and one in 10 kiwi men will lose a mother, wife, sister or even daughter.

“Curing breast cancer is simply a matter of money, enough money to fund the research that will find the cure. It’s awesome that a high profile brand like Lewis Rd Creamery totally gets the power of a great idea,” said Y&R NZ creative director’s Guy Denniston and Gavin Sakimoto.

Both the agency and Breast Cancer Cure have been overwhelmed by the immediate and positive public response to the campaign, which went live today.

Here is just a selection of supportive comments taken from Lewis Rd Creamery’s Facebook feed this morning;

“I am a male but over the years I have seen the suffering breast cancer can cause. What a great thing to do Lewis Road Creamery, ignore the negative reports, I am just so glad to see someone doing something that will make people take notice.”

“Brilliant idea not only marketing wise, but fundraising for such a worthy cause! Ignore the critics, people are WAYYYY to easily offended these days, yet I’m sure that (God forbid) any of them got diagnosed with breast cancer, they’d be the first to want the fundraising to continue. Such an awesome worthy cause. Good on you guys!”

“Yes brilliant idea. Well done Lewis Road Creamery good for you. I didnt know about it either and will buy it too.”

“Storm in a D cup.”

“Thank you for this initiative! In ref to news reports this morning that some women are offended by this campaign – I breastfeed my children but I’m not offended – we need to find a cure for this disease that impacts so many of us in one way or another.”

Breast Milk will be available until September and the campaign will be supported through social media channels and earned media.

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