Brand+Story Launch “We Can Take It From Here” Campaign With The Australian Republic Movement

Brand+Story Launch “We Can Take It From Here” Campaign With The Australian Republic Movement

A new campaign aimed at reigniting the conversation around Australia becoming a republic has been launched this week by The Australian Republic Movement (ARM) and Sydney-based agency Brand+Story.

The campaign, developed out of extensive research, interviews and conversations over the past two years, hopes to unite the majority of Australians who are in favour of a republic.

The campaign slogan “We Can Take It From Here” reflects the attitude many Australians have with regard to electing our own Head of State.

ARM national director, Sandy Biar, said, “We believe every Australian should be able to choose an Australian as our Head of State that represents them, and these ads will carry that message home.”

Brand+Story, who last year produced the Qantas vaccine rewards campaign ‘Fly Away’ approached the ARM early in 2021 offering their services on a pro bono basis.

Agency partners Josh Whiteman and Paul Chappell said they were happy to provide their time and services for the cause.

“We are both passionate about Australia forging its own path into the future. The Royal family has had its time, now it’s time we took the reins,” said Chappell.

Whiteman added, “We wanted to create a campaign with a uniquely Australian voice.”

“We can often fall into the trap of thinking Australia doesn’t have its own identity, but we absolutely do.”

“Our sense of humour, our resilience and the understated way we talk to each other is uniquely Australian.”

The “We Can Take It From Here” campaign depicts a number of everyday Australians suggesting we are big enough, smart enough and old enough to run this country ourselves, without the help of an entitled Royal family.

The campaign was filmed between Christmas and New Year and features two TV commercials and an explainer video that features ex Socceroo and media personality, Craig Foster AM, as well as social and digital content.

Brand+Story partnered with Elastic Studios in Sydney and Melbourne and Sherlock Creative to produce the campaign creative.


Client: Sandy Biar, Australian Republican Movement

Agency: Brand+Story

Writers: Paul Chappell and Josh Whiteman

Creative director: Josh Whiteman

Executive producer: Paul Chappell


Production + Post House: Elastic Studios

Director: Nathan Richman

Producers: Samantha Holder & Yioti Vamvouklis

DOPs: Tom Strangward & Andre Hoo

1st ACs: Trudi Gultom & Matt Wideman

Sound recordists: Ben Hooft & Donovan Fingleton

Editors: Adrian Maurici & Arinne Liew


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