Award School Presents Top Ten

Award School Presents Top Ten

The top 10 Sydney AWARD School graduates from the 2014 class of 102 students were announced at The Loft last night, with Alex Schieder taking the award for top student.

He was followed by Jack Colley who was awarded second, and Callan Mckean in third. The remaining top ten students, in no particular order, include:

  • Bryce Waters
  • Julian Hartley
  • Kate Allan
  • Kiah Nicholas
  • Marijke Spain
  • Margaret Sevenjhazi
  • Rob Gordon

Speaking to more than 200 attendees, AWARD Chairman Mark Harricks welcomed the graduates into the industry and shared his own experience of life after AWARD School. He said: “Being a creative in advertising is an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling vocation. You will experience some of the highest highs and the lowest lows. My advice is: work hard. It means you will always push yourself further. Pick your battles and try to see things from the other side. And ultimately, enjoy yourself. When you’re having fun, you produce better work. There is so much outstanding work in this year’s showcase. I look forward to seeing the next big ideas out in the industry.”

NSW AWARD School Head Joe Hawkins congratulated the students and thanked the participating agencies, tutors, guest speakers and judges for their support.

He commented:  “”Ability, Ambition and Attitude.”  Steve Coll said it when he lectured, and I can’t think of three better qualities that an aspiring creative has to have.  The ability of the students has been clearly evident with the work displayed on the wall, and the fact that they have graduated shows ambition.  The attitude part is up to them, and hopefully they’ll all display a measured confidence with spades of humility.  Then again, it is an open bar, so I’m not sure what sort of attitudes will be reflected on the night.”

He further announced that as he leaves the role of AWARD School Head in 2015, Executive Creative Director at McCann Healthcare, June Laffey, will come on board alongside Creative Director at Dentsu, Pete Ogden.

AWARD graduation ceremonies are still set to take place in Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth. Dates for the upcoming ceremonies are as follows:

Adelaide – Wednesday 2nd July
Brisbane – Thursday 3rd July
Perth – Thursday 3rd July

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