Australian Start-Up, Fishflicks, Moves Into The International Digital Video On-Demand Market

Australian Start-Up, Fishflicks, Moves Into The International Digital Video On-Demand Market

Australian start-up company, Beyond Entertainment Group PT, set to release its first smart TV app for Fishflicks, making its move into the international digital video on demand market.

Fishflicks is an Australian first, a unique concept that combines the work and efforts of Australian Fishing Celebrities bringing them together with the objective of supporting growth in the Australian Fishing Industry. Fishflicks contains thousands of hours of content, including cross genres hunting and 4WD, dating back decades and made available to users through any streaming device 24/7.

The brand launched less than a year ago and has been testing and developing during its soft launch phase. Of the creation of the brand and planned app release head of marketing and communications, Claudeen Martinez states “The disintegration of traditional TV and consequential fragmentation of the traditional viewing model created a huge gap in the market for a brand that could take ownership of neglected recreational sporting content like fishing and hunting. Couple that with the popularity of recreational fishing in Australia and the interest from overseas markets in Australian fishing, we believe this video platform will cater to a significant target market of time poor enthusiasts interested in accessibility of their favourite content.”

With the Samsung branded apps planned release for end of March, brands LG, Sony, Phillips, Toshiba and Panasonic will follow shortly thereafter. The apps will be made available worldwide with plans to support the US and South East Asia markets, where interest in Australian fishing is particularly strong.

Recreational fishing is a popular activity that contributes economic and social benefits to the Australian economy, particularly in regional areas. The ABS estimates that about five million Australians engage in recreational fishing each year, and it contributes to an estimated $200 million from international tourism. This is planned to increase, as the Australia’s recreational fishing industry will be a major focus of Tourism Australia over the next three years.

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