Photo Gallery: APN Outdoor’s Paper Plane Flying Was Intense Last Night

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In one of Sydney’s infamous prisons of yesteryear, tucked away in the dingy backstreets of Darlinghurst, APN Outdoor last night hosted Flight Club, to celebrate the Sydney Airport relaunch.

Collaborating with B&T magazine, APN Outdoor hosted clients, agency folk and other willing industry figures for an evening of stiff competition, but if you’re thinking Brad Pitt and cage fighting… think again.

The evening embraced the airport theme with a supremely competitive paper plane tossing competition; awarding prizes for the longest throw, the first to hit the target and for those lacking athleticism but rife with creativity; the most pimped-up plane.

Mark Fairhurst, general manager – Sales, APN Outdoor, who acted as Air Marshall for the evenings events, commented: “Flight Club brought together key clients, advertisers and other industry contacts to not only enjoy some healthy competition but also to share our exciting developments at Sydney Airport. The evening was a great success and lots of fun was had by all in attendance (as the photo booth evidence attests) and we’d like to thank everyone who came along for a great evening and B&T for their support.”

APN Outdoor’s developments within the Sydney Airport precinct are world class with a keen focus on digital signage and the highest quality light boxes both internally and externally. The market leaders have invested significantly to ensure that this space is fitted out with the most impressive sites, with the highest resolution and most up to date technology. It has installed over 80 new digital sites within T1 (International) and T2 (Domestic), not to mention the widespread upgrades.

Flight Club had formed part of the extensive launch program for APN Outdoor’s new and upgraded assets with Sydney Airport, forming part of APN Outdoor’s extensive Airport portfolio across Australia and New Zealand.

The winners on the night were as follows:

Longest toss: Michael Joseph, M Advertising

Closest to the target: Benny Rogers, Posterscope

Most Pimped-Up Plane: Sophie Morris, Common Ventures


For the evenings photo feed and to tag yourself visit the APN Outdoor Facebook page.

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