Media Agencies Lack Trust In Mobile And Programmatic

Media Agencies Lack Trust In Mobile And Programmatic

They’re two channels rapidly gaining popularity and yet media agencies remain sceptical of brand trust associated with mobile and programmatic.

That’s the findings from the Audited Media Association of Australia (AMAA)’s inaugural study into trust in media channels, 10 Insights on Trust in the Media Industry. The study involved 15 in-depth interviews with managing directors of mammoth agencies and top marketers for many big wig brands, along with an online survey of 315 client-side marketers and agencies.

Asking both marketers and media agencies, it turns out media agencies are more cautious of mobile, programmatic and online video than marketers.

In a trust score out of ten, where ten is most trusted, media agencies voted online video at 4.9, mobile at 4.8 and programmatic display at 4.8.

In contrast, marketers were more optimistic with these channels. Programmatic display was at 5.7, and online video and mobile were at 6.1 Marketers appear to think online display is the least trustworthy channel, with a score of 5.5

Dominating the top of the trust graph for both marketers and media agencies were the traditional channels. TV and print were the highest trusted with 7.1 and 6.9 respectively for media agencies, and print (6.6), outdoor (6.5) and TV (6.4) were front of the pack for marketers.

channel trust

Audience data

When it comes to which data marketers and agencies trust though, a different picture emerges.

Online display dominates the trust for agencies, and online video for marketers. The traditional media realms remain somewhere in the middle.

Still, the report notes the stark contrast between how an agency sees online display and how marketers see it. While online display is highest for agencies (with a score of 7.1) marketers reckon it belongs more with a score of 6.4.

And good ol’ TV is trusted more with its audience data by agencies (6.8) than by marketers (6.1). AMAA puts this down to the high emphasis on TV ratings, made more so by OzTam’s introduction of video ratings for a more holistic view.

audience data trust

ROI Data

Alongside the audience data, marketers and agencies are clamouring to ensure they get the best return on investment (ROI) for their media channels.

Marketers, it appears, don’t really trust any channels all that much, with nothing grabbing a score over seven.

Online display was the only score more than seven for media agencies too.

ROI data

“After speaking with some of Australia’s top marketers and media agencies, it is clear the pace of innovation and change is surpassing the rate at which trust is being established,” said Josanne Ryan, CEO of the AMAA.

“Many marketers feel they are ‘flying blind’ in the face of these fast and intense changes. And of course, when the system breaks down and client money is at risk it erodes trust in our industry so that clients (rightfully) begin asking the tougher questions.

“The good news is our research shows the industry – both marketers and their
media agencies – are aligned in viewpoint and, encouragingly, poised to act,” she continued.

“The report 10 Insights on Trust in the Media Industry sheds light on the areas the industry believes most need to be addressed in terms of accountability and it indicates trust levels across a number of media buying metrics: channel, audience and ROI data.

“More importantly, it clarifies that the industry, marketers and agencies alike do value collaboration and independent referees to keep everyone aligned.

“It paves the way for marketers to place greater value in the best practice frameworks adopted by the industry and likewise place greater value on business partners who actively commit to delivering these.”

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