As the Head of Marketing or Digital in your organisation, you may be wondering why sales or enquires from your website have dropped of late - even though traffic remains steady. Today’s prevailing wisdom is that the lifeblood of any company’s success is data, and with everything in the digital world trackable and measurable there’s more information about your customers than ever before. This is why a business that can extract insights from data has a major advantage over one that doesn't. And yet, a recent PwC study showed that 58 per cent of companies not using key big data cite cost and lack of understanding about its nature and benefits. As the Director of Strategy at Yoghurt Digital, my skillset lies in reading the numbers and extracting powerful insights to turn into actionable strategies. By taking the time to deeply understand your customers and your business, we balance smart data insights and a mastery of user experience to help you meet your goals. It’s how we produce powerful results that matter. Our approach is to first and foremost learn about your website visitors by gathering both qualitative and quantitative data about their online behaviour. The resulting analysis then becomes an actionable strategy for your company, applicable not just for improving user experience, but also for strategies affecting SEO, paid search, email marketing and even traditional marketing. It has the potential to provide the highest ROI of any channel. As a team, we built Yoghurt Digital on the belief that being “data-driven” should be a lifestyle choice for us as an agency. And, quite frankly, we love it. We've based all of our workflows and strategies around being data-driven. In fact, we’re so proud to call ourselves data-driven that we even turned it into our company slogan: A love affair with data. Not opinions. If you agree, contact me for a discussion about your goals on 0412 206 038, or by email at michael@yoghurtdigital.com.au
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