Emanuel Freer

Mpire Entertainment focuses on empowering businesses with targeted access and exposure to the young electronic music and party demographic while creating their own unique events for the same market. Over the years they have developed expert knowledge on the market and a rapidly growing database to engage with. Mpire Entertainment has an excellent track record of achieving benchmark results for their clients. The business also represents a small handful of artists helping them develop and find new opportunities. After developing a passion for electronic music and events I took my experience in advertising and marketing and applied them in this industry. During my time at Soho working in marketing and as Operations Manager for 'Usual Suspects'​, the event was voted NSW best club night two years in a row (2011, 2012) at the '​In The Mix'​ Awards When it became very clear that social media would play a huge role in the industry, I spent the last couple of years closely studying and analysing the platform. Our team is now highly proficient with social media marketing capable of activating highly effective campaigns. My passion lies in events and creating refreshingly unique experiences that challenge traditional perceptions of events. The number one ROI I aim to deliver for my consumers is happiness. If you are in the business of happiness, there will always be a consumer need. I am an avid networker and enjoy connecting industry people and businesses as well as making new relationships myself. Voracious reader/learner committed to staying stupid. http://www.linkedin.com/company/mpire-entertainment www.mpireentertainment.com.au
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