Holler is one of Australia’s most respected digital creative agencies, made up of 40 smart, lovely, hard-working people. We were founded in 2006 and have been a part of the IPMG Group since 2010.Holler has expanded largely thanks to a culture born from one simple ethos - to have fun.Our founding goal was to solve business problems by provoking big reactions from simple interactions - and we have worked very hard to stay true to that aspiration. Our core skills lie in communications, but these days that can encompass anything from data science to watching a stuntman dive into a pool of tomato sauce or creating a car-brand TVC from hacked quadcopters.To us every brief is a potential interaction. Like a nod, a wink, a click and a kiss, it presents the opportunity to powerfully communicate, capture attention, and prolong encounters. If it isn’t interactive, it probably isn’t very deep, lasting or compelling.