Digital Women’s Network we aim to provide a platform for professional and personal development through bringing together like-minded people. We combine the power of learning through shared experiences via events, courses and networking. We create a space for leaders in business, industry experts, technology experts and entrepreneurs to share their experiences, ideas, insights and tips. It is a place to engage with professionals, meet members, interact with speakers, members and brands. We encourage engagement through asking questions, learning, sharing stories and insights and support the development of new skills and best of all meeting people with shared interests. Our Networking group was created for Women and Men working in the field, we encourage business professionals interested in digital, technology and personal development to join in. We are passionate about ensuring that Women are at the forefront of the Digital revolution globally. We aim to improve diversity, connect people in technology and grow a group of well-networked professionals and individuals, so people realise they are more than their job, they are part of a growing community. “They say your network is your net-worth, so come and join us”