Nathan Bell

I am a senior suit. I’m a hybrid suit. I work well in a small team just as well as I work in a large team. I’m able to impart my experience, strategic and creative thinking to clients as well as for the operational improvements to the agency. I will talk high level with CMO’s about strategy, structure and macro-environment, as well as engaging with marketing coordinators to implement campaigns, deliver on time/budget, and analyse reports. You can see that in the strategic and creative campaigns I’ve worked with many clients, ranging from Govt, FMCG, OTC and Pharma. And the channels have been equally diverse too, ranging from TVC’s to Conferences, from Printed DM to Digital Tools, and from iDetailers to Competitions. With my extensive experience and absolute passion for the job I am able to offer strategy, motivation, compassion, leadership and a “roll-up-your-sleeves attitude” too. I am committed to delivering creative work that is not only clever but it is also effective.
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