Andrew Boal

I’m a Creative Director that has worked in the digital advertising space for almost 15 years. I have been involved in almost every facet of the industry imaginable. I have overseen the building of entire platforms that connect American Express merchants seamlessly to Foursquare and Facebook, I have created fully integrated campaigns that included TV commercials featuring a sock puppet for Telstra. I have directed short films, I have shot fashion videos. I have coded websites, phone apps. I have copy-written TV ads, short films and feature films. I even ghost wrote Taylor Swift’s tweets once. As a Creative Director, I have led creative teams to win accounts such as Olay, The entire Energizer-Schick portfolio, U by Kotex and many more. I have managed creative teams of up to 10 team members, I have nurtured my team members from junior designers through to ACDs. I have built relationships with clients that include global marketing directors for some of the biggest international brands that have grown to become close working partnerships. And I have mentored new talent just coming into the industry through organisations such as Portfolio Night, AWARD school and the Art Directors Club. But, through all of this my core passion has been to create amazing experiences for people that connect them with brands. Sometimes this has meant creating things that make people's lives easier like a series of videos from Gillette teaching teenage boys to shave. Sometimes this has been creating uplifting experiences, such as a campaign for Tide to raise money for the victims of hurricane Katrina. And sometimes, it’s just making something beautiful and fun, like a video for a fashion magazine, or a car horoscope for AAMI. And this is predominately what I can bring to any brand. A deep passion for advertising that hasn't wavered or waned in over 15 years.
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