Zuckerberg Slides Into Vegan-Friendly Leather Market

Zuckerberg Slides Into Vegan-Friendly Leather Market

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is trying on a new initiative, vegan-friendly leather.

The social media mogul is backing a US company top create lab-grown cow skin in an effort to disrupt the global leather industry worth roughly $140 billion.

The company, Modern Meadow, will use a bioengineered form of yeast which creates a type of bovine collagen, a similar protein to that of cow skin, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Speaking to The Sunday Telegraph, Modern Meadow founder and CEO Andras Forgacs said: “The opportunity is vast because the world of materials is vast.

“Cows don’t come in the shape of a sofa or a handbag… So we can create a lot of efficiencies.”

“This is not about creating artificial leather. It’s about taking what we love about natural materials and being able to enhance them.”

The business is also being backed by San Francisco wealth management company Iconiq Capital.

Elaborating on the vegan-leather, Forgacs added: “It will be a premium, luxury material.

“It’s not one material we are making but a technology platform for creating a broad range of materials designed for different purposes… depending on how we combine the proteins.”

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