Zuckerberg (Kardashian) Selfie Stick

Zuckerberg (Kardashian) Selfie Stick

Forget cat selfies, regular human selfies are back! The geniuses over electronics giant Kogan have created Zuckerberg Selfie Stick.

It’s been a tough year for the humble selfie, first it become even more mainstream than The Networker thought possible when it was named 2013’s word of the year by Oxford English Dictionary. Then the Funeral Selfies scandal (see below) gave the selfie a bad rap.

But Kogan has reclaimed the narcissistic practice and made it ok to preen for the perfect self-snap.

Designed to avoid duck faces, photobombs and cracked smartphone screens the stick holds the picture snapping device and features a mirror to achieve the perfect pout.

“In hone of the creator of the go-to platform for selfies, the product will be called the Zuckerberg Selfie stick. The real travesty is, Mark Zuckerberg actually hasn’t yet posted a selfie on Facebook.”

But Ruslan Kogan is out to rectify the social media typhoon’s error with an open letter to Zuckerberg.

If he refuses to embrace the selfie, Kogan says he’ll have to rename it the Kardashian Selfie Stick.

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