Zenith Hosts Industry Leaders To Address Challenges Of Marketing To Millenials

Zenith Hosts Industry Leaders To Address Challenges Of Marketing To Millenials

Zenith yesterday brought together industry leaders to discuss the challenges and opportunities brands face in marketing to the diverse and elusive millennial consumer.

Hosted by Zenith CEO, Nickie Scriven, the panel discussion featured speakers Kim Portrate, CEO, Think TV; Carolyn Bollaci, Head of Agency, Facebook; and Geraldine Van Der Merwe, Head of Marketing, GHD Australia & New Zealand.

The panellists examined the challenges brands are facing attracting these socially conscious, digital natives whose affinity with technology has shaped how they shop, and their expectations around customer experience.

The discussion also turned to the make-up of the modern media mix, and what brands need to do to ensure their advertising and marketing efforts remain relevant and effective.

Scriven said: “Beyond understanding consumers by their age, marketers can create more meaningful and powerful brand interactions when they have a deep understanding of how consumers think and behave within different media environments, from social media to television.

“It’s from these insights that brands will be able to add real value to audiences within those environments.

“Knowing the right platforms and media environments to engage with your target consumers is key to building customer relationships and creating loyalty for your brand.”

Earlier this year, Zenith released a global report, Generation Z is Not the Next Big Thing, which advocates rethinking targeting to take a ‘perennial’ approach – a term coined by marketing guru Gina Pell.

Embracing this, Zenith believes that marketers need to shift their focus from just age, to consumers’ mindset, behavioural change and disposable income.


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