Yumtable Partners With Uber And Takes Dining Digital

Yumtable Partners With Uber And Takes Dining Digital

Just when you thought technology couldn’t disrupt life any more, along comes Yumtable, a website and app that takes the hassles (was there ever a hassle?) of booking a restaurant table.

Well, it’s probably a little more than that. You whack in your postcode, what type of food you want to eat and all the possibilities pop-up immediately and, usually, with pretty hefty discounts too.

And having recently partnered with ride sharing app Uber, you can now get chauffeured to your restaurant; wined and dined, and bought back home all with a click on an app.

Yumtable’s general manager Levi Aron agrees the site’s success has come on the back of the rise of the “foodie” and shows like My Kitchen Rules and MasterChef. But it’s also good business for the restaurants themselves, helping them fill empty seats on quiet nights.


Aron says Yumtable’s customers are typically under 40 and more likely to be female. Unsurprisingly, Aron says the brand’s success has been, in most parts, to its social media strategy.

“It’s all about becoming a strong brand in the restaurant space and we achieved this by building up our presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter as well as running countless campaigns that has increased brand awareness and on-boarding of new customers,” he told B&T.

“Partnering with like-minded brands and companies with similar demographics has helped push Yumtable to the forefront of our customer’s minds, engaging with them in ways like never have been realised before. An example of this is our strong ongoing partnership with Uber across social, API integration, and general unity when pushing dining and Uber resulting in the world first birth of #UberDINING,” he said.

Aron is also a “data is king” afficianado. He says data these days is the thing that gives marketers the jump on the competition.

“By carefully analysing data and using smarts to be able to automate the sequencing of this data, you are empowered and able to pinpoint campaigns, bringing maximum ROI to any marketing, sales, or general direction that you take.

“In its simplest level data enables us to quickly identify where we may be light on certain cuisines in particular regions, thus driving our sales teams to concentrate on this void. Data helps us understand how our diners are using the app and website, what they are searching for, what they like, what they would like to see more of etc etc. If data does not take a pivotal position in your business strategy change that today,” he said.

Yumtable have been announced as finalists in the StarTrack ORIAs, winners to be announced at STORIAS 23 July.


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