YourTaxis Says Complaints On Twitter “Not A PR Fail”

YourTaxis Says Complaints On Twitter “Not A PR Fail”

If you were trawling Twitter today you probably spied a number of tweets complaining about taxis in Melbourne. The hashtag #YourTaxis was trending, started by the @YourTaxis Twitter account.

The account had asked users of Victorian taxis to share their stories online using the hashtag.

And Twitter responded with negative, disastrous and downright horrible experiences they’d had with Melbourne taxis.

You get the idea.

Since all the drama this morning, Victorian Taxi Association (VTA) released a statement saying it wasn’t surprised by the amount of negative responses received.

“The outpouring of feedback on social media is being reported as a social media fail of epic proportions – not from our perspective,” the statement reads.

“The response on social media exemplifies the challenges we face as an industry and goes to underscore the motivations behind the YourTaxis campaign.”

VTA CEO David Samuel said the campaign was about starting a direct conversation with those who use the taxis.

“The response online over the past 24 hours isn’t anything we didn’t expect. We asked for feedback and we got it. The good and the bad and everything in between,” he said.

“It also demonstrates the number of people that rely on taxi services and we want to make sure our service continues to meet customers’ expectations in a period of rapid change.

“We will respond to everything that comes our way on YourTaxis.”

The Twitter account appears to have been responding to each tweet directly, many describing ways for disgruntled users to report bad experiences, as well as correcting those who called it a “PR Fail”.

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