Your corporate logo out of the box

Your corporate logo out of the box

It has been called “another step towards devaluing a profession”, “garbage”, “a new low in design” and… “an amazing new tool for anyone who wants to design a logo”.

It’s the Squarespace Logo tool.

With just a few clicks you can assemble an icon consisting of your business name, tag line and an icon drawn from the Noun Project – a collection of thousands of icons.

Truth be told, it’s simple. So simple we couldn’t help but knock out a few logos out for ourselves in rapid fire.

In just a few minutes you create something that looks remarkably like something that has been deeply thought through, something that might actually capture culture, brand and value proposition in one little icon.

According to Fast Company, the tool is for “small startups and businesses … a simple, easy tool to add a little symbology to their branding mix”.

We know that big businesses can come from small beginnings – Steve Jobs or Hewlett and Packard working in garages, Zuckerberg in a college dorm. So in anticipation of a flood of newly designed logos we paused and asked – what if some of the world’s biggest companies decided to use the Squarespace Logo tool?

We imagine the world would look something like this:

It also poses the question – when you are using a standard set of icons, how close are you to infringing someone else’s trademark?

Certainly it’s just a matter of time until the first cease and desist letter goes out to the first person to use one of the 20-odd apple icons in their new logo.

Needless to say, the world of graphic designers is up in arms. Whether this is a genuine threat to the profession – time will tell.

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