“You Greedy F@ckers!” Gran Launches Expletive Ladened Rant Against Hoarders, Owns The Internet

“You Greedy F@ckers!” Gran Launches Expletive Ladened Rant Against Hoarders, Owns The Internet

A British grandmother – who apparently lived through war rationing – has unloaded on supermarket hoarders in a glorious foul-mouthed rant that has since gone viral.

The unnamed London woman has become a “national hero” after blasting the “bad state of affairs” the UK currently languishes in all because of “greedy” panic buying during the coronavirus epidemic.

Here’s the rant in full: “No what a bad state of affairs we are in? I can’t believe what is fucking happening. Now, anyone going out now can’t get a mask, of course you can’t because all you greedy fuckers doubled up on them so, if I go out, which I won’t, I’ve got to go out… [waves a scarf across her face] like that.

“Now, we see a picture on the internet last night of an elderly lady facing empty shelves. She could not buy a fucking thing. Now, give a thought to the elderly and all those that can’t get out.

I come from a war and don’t remember anything like this. Stuff was rationed but we all got our share.

Now, everybody’s going mad, buying all the fucking toilet rolls up. Why? Don’t you normally buy them? The stores should only be letting people have one per customer. No, but the stores are greedy bastards and they’re not.”

And, as you can imagine, social media loved her. Here’s some of the Twitter feedback:

“Love this gal. Let’s make her famous. The embodiment of the attitude we need.”

“She made me laugh out loud when I heard this yesterday! She’s brilliant.”

“This is priceless. She’s so right.”

“No idea who this lady is but BRAVO missus.”

“Never heard anyone use that word so effectively. Sparing but adding perfect weight to what she had to say. Beautiful English.”

“I grew up the 1950’s. I remember ration books even though I wasn’t born during wartime and it went on for several years; I also remember ‘toilet paper’ was newspaper cut into squares and hung in the bathroom by a piece of string. What I don’t recall at all is selfish behaviour.”

“She is amazing .. love her.. shes had her hair done for the camera, of course, bc no self-respecting lady would be seen dead without her hair done and bleeding slap on … go that girl…”




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