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What an event Women in Media was – with it’s esteemed award ceremony and its inaugural forum throughout the day, attended by hundreds of inspirational mentors and women in the industry. And for those of you who didn’t attend the fabulous forum, presented by OMD, we thought we’d give you a peek of what went on during the day.

First up was the keynote from Lizzie Young, who defied the notion that the industry was still a big boy’s club, and urged the audience to continue to dream big and find what their passion is. The morning was MC’ed by The Thinkergirls from KIIS radio, who kept the pace going from session to session.

Speed mentoring was a big success on the day, with the hundreds of attendees split into groups to move from one mentoring station to the next, and given 15 minutes to pick the brains of all our fabulous mentors, from Bauer Media, Hearst publisher and Chair of the West Tigers Marina Go, to M&C Saatchi’s general manager Sydney Mim Haysom.

The praise from the mentoring sessions were phenomenal, with plenty of advice, stories and pieces of wisdom offered to the mentees.

After lunch, the Hackathon kicked off, where the crowd was again split into smaller groups to discuss the big issues of the moment in the industry: Women in Leadership, Work/Life Balance, and the Pay Gap between Men and Women.

Each table worked on the issue, coming up with practical solutions for 15 minutes, before a new group would arrive to build on the progress made so far. And there were some fantastic ideas to come out of this workshop, including things like a ‘seal of approval’ for companies offering great parental leave schemes, endorsed by a company in a similar way to the Heart Foundation and the red tick on healthy food.

Stay tuned in the coming days, however, for a more comprehensive dive into the real solutions unearthed throughout the day to really crack these issues in our industry.

For now, flick through the above gallery, and enjoy reminiscing on a wonderful and powerful Women in Media forum. We look forward to seeing even more of you at next year’s forum!

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