Wuhan Students Figure Out Ingenious Way To Shut Homework App

Wuhan Students Figure Out Ingenious Way To Shut Homework App

With much of China still locked down due to the coronavirus outbreak, people are turning to technology to get on with life.

For school students, this means taking to online learning to continue their studies.

Schools have been using an app called DingTalk, developed by Chinese tech giant Alibaba, to set their students homework.

According to a report in Tech Node, some 50 million students and 600,000 teachers have been using the app since school returned.

However, the local children in Wuhan have now figured out a rather ingenious way to get out of doing their homework.

Detailed in the London Review of Books, writer Wang Xiuying explained the situation.

“Somehow the little brats worked out that if enough users gave the app a one-star review it would get booted off the App Store,” Xiuying said.

“Tens of thousands of reviews flooded in, and DingTalk’s rating plummeted overnight from 4.9 to 1.4.

“The app has had to beg for mercy on social media: ‘I’m only five years old myself, please don’t kill me.'”

However, the one-star reviews haven’t necessarily been negative.

“Thank you for letting me reunite with my teachers. I’ll give you 5 stars separated in 5 reviews,” said one cheeky user.


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