World Cup Diver Roasted In Hilarious Ad Starring Eric Cantona

World Cup Diver Roasted In Hilarious Ad Starring Eric Cantona

One of the World Cup’s top stars and notorious “diver”, Brazil’s Neymar (see below), has been skewered in a wonderfully witty spot for TV network Eurosport.

The ad stars former Manchester United and French superstar Eric Cantona and plays out as an ad for travel luggage.

Cantona describes the suitcase as, “You barely touch it and it turns round and round for hours”. Unsurprisingly, it’s the same colour as Neymar’s Brazilian shirt.

“By the way Neymar, you are a great player and a great actor, but be careful with the continuity mistakes,” Cantona extols. “If you are hit in the right shoulder, you can’t be crying in pain holding your left cheek.” Check out the fun spot below.

For his part, the 26-year-old Neymar was universally condemned for his play acting during Brazil’s win over Mexico over the weekend. Mexico’s coach called his antics a “shame for football” and “it is a man’s sport, there shouldn’t be so much acting.”

England great and now TV commentator, Alan Shearer, chimed in with: “It’s absolutely pathetic There’s no doubting the ability of him, but it really is pathetic when he’s rolling around in agony, why does he feel the need to do that? It’s been a terrific World Cup, but the one downside is players feigning injury and the diving, it’s a big issue.”

Check out Neymar’s award-winning performance below:


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