World Cup fever heats up

World Cup fever heats up

With the 2014 World Cup fast approaching it appears Aussies are getting up to speed on all things FIFA via their phone and social media.

According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), we’re pulling out our smartphones for the soccer business.

Also keeping atop of the World Cup heat, the new Trending World Cup experience on Facebook is launching today with a character aptly named ‘The Ref’.

Check out the releases below. First up is Aussies reaching out for their mobiles when it comes to the world cup with 29% of Aussie respondents naming smartphones, tablets or desktops as their primary source of everything soccer.

Further below is extra info on the new Trending World Cup experience on Facebook which details what the experience is about and how to be involved.

Aussies pull out their smart phones for 2014 World Cup according to Global research from IAB

Sydney: 11th June 2014 — Smartphone-owning soccer fans across the globe expect their mobile devices to take on a pivotal role when it comes to their FIFA World Cup 2014 experience, according to “2014 World Cup: A Global Mobile Perspective,” a landmark international study from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).

Querying sports enthusiasts from 11 markets including Australia, Brazil, China, Colombia, France, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, UK and USA, the survey found that 46 percent of Australians football fans intend to use their phones to follow the World Cup. This compares to the global average of 48 percent and is second only to TV in all markets surveyed.  29 percent of Australian respondents also named smartphone, tablets or desktops as their primary channel for watching and following the World Cup.

The study also found that while the primary channel for world cup viewing and content by Australians will be TV, 42 percent of Australian fans anticipate plan to use their mobile phones for game-related activities while watching the game on TV. By comparison the global average for dual-screening is expected to be 35 percent.
Additionally 17 percent of Australian respondents intend to follow the games on their mobile while watching something else and 15 percent intend to follow games on their mobile while listening to something else.

Alice Manners, CEO of IAB Australia commented: “It’s clear that smart phones will be front and centre for consumers at this year’s World Cup and this data highlights the synergies between TV and digital channels. As consumers move seamlessly between screens there are huge opportunities for marketers to target consumers with an effective and more efficient frequency across platforms.”

Other key findings from the research include:

  • Australians are app crazy with 29 percent planning to download the official FIFA app versus 21 percent of global fans
  • Australians are more likely to reside in the ‘real’ social world than their international peers with 42 percent of Australians planning to watch the game with others in bars and pubs and a further 22 percent “out and about” versus 31 and 18 percent respectively for global fans
  • Social sharing is huge globally with 90 percent globally intending to share world cup content) but Australians are more likely than average to share on Facebook  (51 percent versus 45 percent globally) and still want to share via SMS and MMS (38 percent  versus 27 percent  globally).
  • 29 percent of Australians intend to share video content
  • 36 percent of Australians indicate that they click or interact with ads to get more information about a product/service at least once a week –increasing to 54 percent for Australian football fanatics.
  • 32 percent of Australians are willing to pay to watch full games live on different screens versus 26 percent globally
  • 54 percent of global respondents will use TV as their primary channel for world cup viewing and content, with 30 percent using digital (phone, tablet, pc); and 12 percent through internet connected TV.

Trending World Cup on Facebook

Millions of football fans from around the world will join the conversation about the 2014 World Cup on Facebook. Sports are inherently social, and during major sporting events people come to Facebook to connect and engage with friends who are following the action, to cheer on their favourite teams and players, and to find out the latest scores and highlights.

For this year’s World Cup, we want to give people one great place to experience the action in real-time. To celebrate we are launching Trending World Cup — a dedicated hub for fans on Facebook to follow the tournament as it unfolds.

Trending World Cup on Facebook includes:

  • The latest scores and highlights from the matches
  • A special feed with real-time posts from friends and updates from relevant players and teams
  • An interactive map that shows where fans of some of the top players are located around the world

In addition, starting Thursday, you can share the specific match you’re watching during the World Cup — just tap the smiley icon before you share a post and select “watching.”

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