Work Warning: Agency Copywriter Stars In Hilarious Ad For Female Condoms

Work Warning: Agency Copywriter Stars In Hilarious Ad For Female Condoms

B&T advises this article deals with themes of a sexual nature and strongly advises work discretion.

For most of us the idea of a female condom could be as difficult to market as it could be to use come the throes of passion. However, a new US ad for Veru Healthcare’s female condom brand FC2 has absolutely nailed it in the funniest ad of 2017.

At almost three minutes long, the ad stars copywriter Amanda Burch from agency New Honor Society who channels the fabled Poo-Pourri ads in a spot that’s hilarious as it is informative. Check it out below (but again, B&T strongly advises discretion if your office is a little on the prudish side.)

Amanda is a self-proclaimed nobody and sets out to hilariously explain how women actually use the over-sized prophylactic that has an uncanny resemblance to an oven bag used for roasting chickens.

The ad was created by New Honor Society and Burch penned the script. It’s been reported that Burch’s appearance was actually just a test-run before an as-yet-named comedian (reported to be Sarah Silverman) was set to play the lead role in the final edit. However, the client loved Burch’s cameo so much they went with her and saved themselves big money by not using a celebrity.

Burch, who admitted she has no acting experience, said writing the spot was “not a stretch because I’m the target demo – late 20s, early 30s, in a long-term relationship.

“And I just wanted to do something that my girlfriends would think was funny and outrageous. I was kind of seeing what I could get away with,” she said, her comments reported on US industry website AdWeek.

In a statement, Veru Healthcare’s CMO, Brian Groch, said of the ad: “New Honor Society had a fearless, no-holds-barred approach to both the strategy and creative execution.

“They weren’t afraid of the subject, and they weren’t afraid of the challenge. And they knew exactly how to break through and create an authentic conversation in a category where conversations aren’t currently happening.”

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