Women, You’re Right! You Do Pay More For Stuff Than Men

Women, You’re Right! You Do Pay More For Stuff Than Men

Ever get that feeling the women’s jeans, healthcare products, even girl’s based toys are more expensive than the male version when they’re practically the same thing? Well, you could be right according to a new study.

The study by the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs reviewed hundreds of everyday purchases and found that women, on average, typically pay more.

The study found that women pay more for products 48 per cent of the time and men are charged more for 18 per cent of items.

Overall, women’s products cost seven per cent more than those designed for men, according to the report.

By category, women reportedly pay seven per cent more for toys and accessories, four per cent more for kid’s clothing, eight percent more for adult clothing, 13 per cent more for healthcare care products such as deodorants and razor blades and eight percent more for home health care products.

One example cited in the report was a little girl’s pink scooter. It retailed for $US49.99 when a similar boy’s red version was half that price.

And the problem’s not unique to the US. Here in Australia the activist group GetUp! has long petitioned against the problem. Its research has found that women’s underwear, kid’s toys, even a girl variant of the Kinder Surprise all cost more.


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