Women To Watch: Facebook’s Rachael Doherty

Women To Watch: Facebook’s Rachael Doherty

At B&T, We are staunch believers that every woman and her achievements should be celebrated, every day and always.

However, unfortunately, the achievements of women often go unnoticed. That’s why we launched our annual B&T Women in Media Awards – to recognise the amazing accomplishments of women across the marketing, communications and advertising industry.

In honour of our WIM Awards, we’re chatting to industry powerhouses; women we should all be keeping an eye on — women to watch.

Today we’re hearing from Facebook client solutions manager Rachael Doherty.

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I’ve been lucky to work at progressive companies like Facebook & REA Group, with market leading standards around hiring, managing bias & career progression. Having worked in digital marketing since I was 22 I’ve never felt disadvantaged due to my gender, which I hope is a sentiment shared by many of my Gen Y colleagues. The Women in Media Awards are important because it gives us a chance to celebrate. Women are the masters of multi-tasking and often it’s done and on to the next one- so it’s a nice opportunity to reflect on past achievements and contemplate future goals.

Work wise, my female role models are my manager Kate Box and my work partner Mandi McPherson. Facebook’s retail team is full of strong women and I am always inspired by their business smarts & quick wits. In terms of the most unexpected champion of change for equality, it’d have to be my dad. He’s a typical kiwi bloke & definitely not Germaine Greer- but along with my lovely Mum, he raised two daughters who grew up believing the sky was the limit. If I told him he was a feminist, he’d probably laugh, but I think he is.

Reflecting on the biggest impediment to equality in the workplace, I would say it’s how to best support women returning to work from parental leave. This never crossed my mind in my 20’s but now in my early 30’s, I can see how difficult that trade-off must be.

There’s an emotional toll & a vulnerability that I imagine comes when it’s time to return to work.
I don’t know how to perfectly address this issue, but the more companies invest in ‘keeping in touch days’ throughout mat leave & encourage flexible working upon return, the better.

One way to address equality and something everyone can do every day is look after each other. In the last year, Melbournians have witnessed shocking crimes against women in public spaces. Something little we can all do is to make sure our female colleagues get home safely after work functions, or when travelling. Simple things like walking a friend to their car when it’s dark or sharing your Uber details with a colleague are important to enhance the feeling of safety.

Quickfire questions

What is the best advice anyone has ever given you?

It always seems impossible until it’s done.

B&T Women in Media partner Bauer Media recently launched their Financially Fit Females campaign to improve the country’s financial literacy.  Do you feel financially Fit?  What advice would you give younger women to make sure women are getting paid what they are worth?   

Don’t be afraid to negotiate!

Know your worth & politely, but firmly call this out when starting a new job or discussing the terms of a promotion.


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