“Women Are Vital To All Industries”: News Corp’s Georgi Pell

“Women Are Vital To All Industries”: News Corp’s Georgi Pell

ICYMI, International Women’s Day is today, and here at B&T, we think it’s a pretty important day to celebrate. That’s why News Corp has partnered with us to throw a ‘Celebrating Women’ Lunch filled with some of the most inspiring women around – and their mentors.

The ‘Celebrating Women’ lunch is an initiative of B&T’s Changing the Ratio – a bold new event to continue our mission of making equality and inclusion the norm in Australia’s communications industry and beyond.

After launching their With Her In Mind Network (WHIMN) a year ago, B&T spoke to News Corp’s Georgi Pell, GM of WHIMN, about why they chose to sponsor one of our International Women’s Day lunches.

Why is it important to celebrate International Women’s Day?

It’s a day where we unite, recognise women for their achievements, and continue the call for gender parity. A gender pay gap persists across the globe and women are still not present in equal numbers in business or politics – which means there’s opportunity for progress to benefit not just women, but us all.

Why did you choose to sponsor the Celebrating Women lunch?

WHIMN is for and by women who want to make their mark, and this is one small way we can help move things forward. As a network we stand for ‘Women. United.’ so we see this event as an opportunity for us to do that, bring some fierce females together in one fabulous space – some of the industry’s leading media executives and hear from Dr Kirsten Ferguson, the woman we can thank for the social campaign #CelebratingWomen.

Why are women vital to the media industry?

Women are vital to all industries – there is strength in diversity. Media as a career choice is particularly challenging and fast-paced. Confidence and mentoring are important to succeed. We need to encourage the next generation and inspire female leaders of the future – and they need to be supported by both women and men.

We also have a responsibility to make sure all media portray women accurately and positively. At WHIMN, everything we do is ‘with her in mind’. We like to think of ourselves as a positive place where you can laugh, think and feel empowered every day.

What element of the lunch are you most looking forward to?

The lunch will provide an opportunity for senior media executives to network with inspiring women across our industry. To add another dimension to the lunch it will be great to meet the mentors behind these women who have helped shape or who have supported them in their career. I’m really looking forward to the lessons in leadership and mentoring advice from keynote speaker Dr Kirstin Ferguson, the creator of the #CelebratingWomen campaign. She is one impressive woman on paper, so to hear from her in person is sure to be inspiring.

Why did you decide to create the network?

We launched whimn.com.au 12 months ago with a content promise of delivering confident, positive and empowering content that connects with a new wave of Australian women. We then united our women’s lifestyle digital brands under News With Her In Mind Network (WHIMN) to deliver the largest digital women’s network in the country with a monthly unique audience of 2.3 million according to Nielsen DRM.

WHIMN brings together the leading parenting site kidspot.com.au; category leading health site mybodyandsoul.com.au; and whimn.com.au; to combine the audience power of these trusted brands and to offer clients the seamless ability to reach this mass Australian women’s digital audience.

Is News Corp holding or sponsoring any other special event for International Women’s Day?

On International Women’s Day 2018 WHIMN is excited to announce the launch of both our trade and consumer mentoring programs.

Within our industry, WHIMN is also supporting and advocating for up and coming media executives as we announce the launch of our trade mentoring program. We are excited to be working with inspirational female leaders across the media industry who will each be able to guide and support their mentees.

Early-bird tickets are still on sale for Changing the Ratio! Click here to secure your spot.

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