Women In Media Profile: Tanya Orman

Women In Media Profile: Tanya Orman

We know our Women in Media Awards were last week, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still more women to recognise and celebrate. And so our Women in Media Profile Series continues.

We’ve still got a few inspiring women to feature – one of which is none other than Tanya Orman, channel manager for Australia’a Indigenous channel National Indigenous Television (NITV) a division of Special Broadcasting Service Corporation (SBS).

She’s worked in Aussie media for over 20 years, currently manages a team of more than 50 staff, and said launching NITV as a free-to-air channel in 2012 has been one of her proudest moments to date.

“NITV’s launch as part of the SBS network made the channel available to every Australian, it let First Nations stories become all the more accessible and let our community see themselves on screen, which was not always available on mainstream TV,” Orman said.

“Leading NITV has been a hugely challenging gig that has come with many complexities, but every day I receive a story on the impact the channel has had on someone’s life, and that’s what makes this role incredible.”

Read more about what Orman has learned throughout her career below.

Life isn’t fair

My dad would say to me simply that, ‘Life isn’t fair, but what are you going to do about it?’ A small statement but one that was profound to me, and that I have taken with me into every hurdle placed in front of me.

It’s about being empowered by what’s in your control and focusing your energy on what you can do rather than what you can’t change.

Surround yourself with strong and resilient women

Such as my Nan, Mum and Aunties and community leaders.

Being surrounded by these strong women, meant I never felt a deficit by being a ‘girl’, and instead it was quite empowering to be. Because of this, I grew up with confidence that I could be anything I wanted to be.

Once I hit the workforce, it’s the women that I’ve worked with that helped mould who I have become. Ladies, who seemed to balance everything and still power the corporate and television world without losing their identities.

I had a mentor who passed away recently, she was an incredible media executive and just so genuine and full of glitz. She was pure woman in meetings, as opposed to adjusting her style to the men in the room. I really loved how she operated.

Learn how to fail

Failure is a necessary part of life and I have only just learnt how to embrace failure and not let it get me down.

I am definitely not the person or in the position I set out to be but I realise failure has made me who I am and this is the place I was meant to get to.

The more woman in leadership roles, the better

The most exciting thing about women in leadership is the diversity of views and opinions women in these roles bring, which only make an organisation stronger.

The more women in leadership positions means more young girls will actually see what they could be, and no longer be limited by what is perceived as impossible.

Be a sponge

Love the moment you are in and soak in the lessons you are receiving today. I was forever looking forward at the next gig or story without taking the time to be in the moment.

You have valuable lessons placed in your path each day that will help you grow through life. Slow down and soak it all in!




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