Women In Media: MediaCom’s Alaina Hawley

Women In Media: MediaCom’s Alaina Hawley

Continuing with B&Ts series of prominent women in media, today we speak with Alaina Hawley, Mediacom’s national people and culture director. Admittedly it’s been a difficult period for the group in recent times, but Hawley says it’s all about looking forward through its burgeoning team of exceptional youngsters…

People with only a couple of years of experience are pushing the boundaries… They are the future, they are creating the future. Give them the chance to create, evolve and input, nourish them with skills, training and inspiration, give them something to stretch towards and great things will happen!

It’s important to create an environment in which people feel that they have a voice… And they can input, drive and lead at whatever level they are. Asking questions is the key to unlocking great ideas and different ways of doing things. Being curious and creating a culture where you can be curious is very important.

Leadership is being emotionally intelligent… Having clear goals, purpose and passion, walking the talk, knowing your people so well that they will follow wherever you lead, giving them the opportunity to flourish and creating a motivating environment which inspires people to be the best they can be. This is infectious and brings success for everyone involved, including clients who benefit from exceptional ideas, energy and delivery from our people.

My purpose is seeing people reach their potential inside and outside of work… It’s all about having meaningful relationships with those around you. I love collaborating with like-minded people who really want to make a difference, whether that’s in the work that they produce or the teams that they foster, people striving for the best.

I thrive off the fast-paced, high energy agency environment… The excitement of walking into the office each day and not quite knowing what the day will hold.  Days can be equally exciting or challenging but it’s really what you make of them, and when working with amazingly talented and passionate people, you are proud of the work you are producing.

The ‘There’s Something I Want To Tell You’ campaign for Queensland Government has had a massive impact… This campaign really brought the important and often unspoken topic of HIV to the forefront. It brought people together to share their stories, began the journey of breaking down taboos and ultimately saved lives. The impact was just incredible.

My career goal is to be making a difference in a progressive industry… By influencing change, driving positivity, seeing great talent thrive and to grow and achieve brilliant work alongside people you can call friends.

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