Woman’s Disastrous Royal Baby Interview Labelled “British Humour At Its Finest”

Woman’s Disastrous Royal Baby Interview Labelled “British Humour At Its Finest”

It can be a tough job for a TV journalist looking for stories while waiting for a Royal baby to drop.

So, it was hats off to Sky News reporter Katerina Vittozzi who was waiting patiently outside the Windsor hospital where Meghan was set to give birth at any moment.

Stuck for much to say, Vittozzi decided to vox pop some of the crowd that had gathered in front of the hospital.

Vittozzi set upon a woman holding two giant balloons alongside the Welsh flag.

The excitable Royalist explained she’d driven all the way from Wales that morning to be present for the birth and, it was from there, that things really took a turn for the worse.

Vittozzi asked what gender the woman thought the baby would be. To which she babbled: “They do sell Afro-American babies now, of ethnic minorities.”

Pushing on, the reporter asked how long she thought Meghan would be in labour for. “I’ve no idea, I’ve never been in labour. I’ve only voted Labour,” the woman answered.

And, yes, the disastrous clip soon went viral.

“Arguably the greatest bit of TV you’ll see all weekend,” one wag tweeted.

“Thank fuck she said at the end she has yet to breed,” said another.

While another declared it, “British humour at its finest – though not meant to be!”

And it appears it’s a tough time to be a Royal baby reporting telly journo.

As reported on B&T yesterday, Sunrise reporter Edwina Bartholomew had her very own woes reporting on the pending arrival of the new Royal.

Doing a live cross to Seven’s studios, Bartholomew soon found herself on the end of this rather rude interloper. Check it out below:




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