“My Vajayjay Is Fine”: Woman Who Fibbed About Unfashionable Vagina Wins $10k On Radio Show

“My Vajayjay Is Fine”: Woman Who Fibbed About Unfashionable Vagina Wins $10k On Radio Show

Sick of the sob stories from people and their disadvantaged families, one woman took a different route on a radio show’s social experiment, and ended up walking away with a cool $10,000.

Melbourne KIIS radio duo Matt & Meshel have just completed their third Ten Grand Jury social experiment. The experiment sees six jurors locked in a room for an hour each morning, each having to put forward their own case on why they should be given the moolah. If the group can’t unanimously decide who should win, the money goes to a listener.

On Monday, we were introduced to the six jurors, many of whom had issues with their families, or appeals to give then money to others worthier than them. However, one woman said she wasn’t happy with her nether regions and was wanting the money for a vaginoplasty – a plastic surgery option for re-designing the vagina.

And after much deliberation, the jury all voted for Maree to receive the money to get under the knife down below.

However, it was all a ruse!

Maree revealed when speaking to Matt Tilley and Meshel Laurie afterwards that it was all made up – she had wanted to take her kids to the Gold Coast instead.

“Everything I’ve said about my son having an immune disease, me not being able to work, losing a father four years ago to smoking, losing my mother-in-law three months ago to smoking, everything is 100 per cent,” she said on-air this morning.

“My life has not been easy. I came in here thinking with my family and friends that just getting me in here for a bit of a break, I was going to be a winner. I’m so sorry to have to say, my vajayjay is perfectly fine.”

Some of the jurors didn’t look overly pleased about being lied to, which you can imagine is understandable considering some wanted the money to aid their children who had disabilities or give the money to their parents after a stroke hit the family.

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