Will We Ever Actually Create Customer Centric Brands? Industry Pros Weigh In

Will We Ever Actually Create Customer Centric Brands? Industry Pros Weigh In

The shift in the way consumers view brands has made many organisations need to rethink their values and what they stand for.

In this video series, sponsored by pitch company Trinity P3, five industry leaders – including ING Direct’s CEO Vaughn Richtor – discuss how businesses have changed and why they need to.

“When you think of marketing and media, the concept of values, ethics and purpose may not immediately come to mind,” said Darren Woolley, founder of Trinity P3.

“But today, major highly successful companies, brands and organisations, such as Unilever, are building their business around these concepts.”

Watch the video here.

The industry pros involved were:

  • Jane Katatko, general manager, group marketing brand and acquisition, NRMA
  • Simon Rutherford, CEO, Slingshot Media
  • Paul Burke, Research Fellow and deputy director, UTS
  • David Hovenden, editor in chief, B&T
  • Vaughn Richtor, chief executive officer, ING Direct

Talking about whether ethics and values in marketing is just a fad, Jane Kotatko said it’s just human nature.

“Forget about businesses and brands and corporations just for a moment and as an individual, think about people that you gravitate to, people you admire, and what it is that attracts you to them.

“And I think if you reflect on that I think you would be able to describe those people in terms of what they stand for and what they stand against.”

To continue the discussion, Humanity in Marketing is a special one-day event being held 18 September in Sydney. Readers of B&T can register here and receive a two for one discount by entering the promo code BT.


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