What Will 2014’s Biggest Branding Trends Look Like In 2015?

Two men, outdoors, wearing casual sports clothes and activity tracking wristbands. Activity trackers are designed to help the wearer achieve a more active and healthy lifestyle.

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Will the ones who took off last year be the same this year?


From 3D printing body parts to branded Ferris Wheels, 2014 witnessed a number of innovative branding trends make headlines. But although 2014 has ended, these trends are still evolving. So let’s take a look at some of the top trends of 2014 – and where they might be heading in 2015.

Wearable tech you want to wear

Last year

Last year, wearable tech made the transition from sci-fi concept to mass-market reality. Initially, wearables in the fitness and medical spheres garnered the most attention, popularized by their ability to track the wearer’s health and performance data. But as the year went on, two big product launches catapulted wearables out of the wellbeing bracket into the mainstream accessories category: Rebecca Minkoff’s beautiful gold chain-link notification bracelet and Apple’s iWatch. And Victoria’s Secret just recently launched Incredible, a sports bra with built-in electrodes to monitor the wearer’s heart-rate.

This year

Retailers will take the lead in building mass-market demand for wearable tech, while the maturation of sensors will help determine the technology’s future. As we began to see in 2014, a crucial aspect is to take a user-centric, design-led approach to wearables; the technology needs to have aesthetic as well as practical value. So, we can expect increasingly blurred lines between the worlds of fashion and technology.

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