Why The Marketing Industry Needs Skills-Based Training

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With industries across the board – and particularly marketing – continuing to evolve at a rapid pace, the need for skills-based training has never been greater.

That’s according to My Careers CEO Fergus Creese. My Careers has recently published a paper calling for a “systemic change” in Australian education to help students as they transition into their professional careers.

“Our industry is evolving, as we’re now looking at skills, and the skills that you can build throughout further education and your whole life,” he said.

“You pick those skills up from school, but you’re also developing them through other things, such as learning leadership skills by playing footy.

“Secondary education is unique in its power to catalyse social mobility, serving to bridge social, economic, racial, and geographic divides like no other force.”

My Careers works with schools and students from around the country to match students with career paths that suit their skillset.

Rather than matching students with careers using existing measures (such as an appointment with a careers advisor), My Careers promotes a data-driven approach to career advice.

The platform collects data about a student’s interests, aptitudes, personality and learning journey to create a personalised profile that continuously develops with the student.

“Education’s greatest platform opportunity involves connecting students more holistically to their futures, by capturing rich and meaningful data throughout the school years while helping them take control of their career education,” Creese said.

“Australia’s education sector is yet to embrace digitisation and the true power of data. Data can be used in many ways but is most exciting when used as a driving force for positive societal change.”

Creese outlined the long-term goal of My Careers and his vision for the future of education in Australia.

“Reducing the friction between students and their career pathways is just the beginning. Helping Australian schools deliver a more agile education system — now that is an impact we would like to make, and will make,” he said.

“I believe we have a unique opportunity to harness the power of quality, agile and contemporary careers education to create a better world. My Careers is a platform for doing that.”


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