Why Analytics Has Become Every Marketer’s Best Friend

Why Analytics Has Become Every Marketer’s Best Friend

Analytics can help marketers serve the needs of three distinct groups of stakeholders: internal team members, customers, and prospects (or members and future members in the language of credit unions).

That’s the view of Lynne Jarman Johnson, CMO of one of the top credit unions in the US state of Michigan, who is in town to speak at this week’s ADMA Global Forum.

The Consumers Credit Union brand stands for high intimacy, says Johnson. “Our vision is growth through culture and performance. High intimacy means amazing talent and technology. We hire people based on attitude and technology based on ease for members.”

An example of the importance the company places on technology is the fact that it was one of the first 30 financial institutions in the United States to bring Apple Pay to members.

According to Johnson, “Customers are looking for quality in service, price and product. A quality rate and product may be the most competitive or it may be the easiest route to obtain through technology. I have seen service win every time. Remember the back end of a system that makes a product easy to understand and purchase is just as important as the voice on a phone or smile in the branch office. Culture wins hands down.”

She says members want to feel listened to. “A culture based on listening is the key to improvements and growth.”

Johnson regularly speaks about the importance of analytics to the business, and the way it is perceived by management. “We believe data analytics helps three customers: our internal team, members and future members.

“In marketing we may forget our first customers are our internal colleagues. Without their knowledge and skills we are not able to produce results and serve our members. Data analytics help us bring tools to our team to serve members and make their jobs easier. It narrows our work to offer the best products and services to educate our current and future members.”

And, she said, analytics provides the company with quality competitive analysis. “There isn’t a balance. I see data analytics as strategy not balance. When you know your goals and you strategise through analytics to reach those goals you never balance — you build the plan and work the plan.”

As a CMO, Johnson also benefits from the full support of the leadership team. “Our entire executive team is equally in tune to brand intimacy strategy. Our CEO, Kit Snyder, is our most passionate cheerleader. Recently he joined a strategic planning session with our marketing team and said the following: Take the Stress out of the Stuff. This has become our mantra. Less is more and our brand will only stand out if we make people feel ease, simplicity and understanding. Less copy. Less steps. Less stuff.”

The speed of change and the variety of challenges are the things that keep the Consumers Credit Union CMO and her team busy. She said: “The overload of everything weighing you down. More online. More apps. More avenues to respond to. Education and training is the way to help people learn and ask the right questions ‘how to make X easier’ and find the right answers.”

Among the creative solutions the company has applied, it has created step-by-step how-to guides, an eLibrary to find answers (for both employees and members) and a mobile bar with all styles of hands-on technology.

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