What’s In A Pronoun, A World Pride Film Debuts At Cannes Lions

What’s In A Pronoun, A World Pride Film Debuts At Cannes Lions

“My dream for non-binary people everywhere is that they can exist without being challenged. I want the systems and institutions we are forced to move through to become as fluid and complex as our understanding of gender.” – Richard Clark (he/she/they)

For World Pride this year, Posture Media produced a short film titled What’s in a Pronoun that
illustrates how non-binary people navigate the highly gendered world we live in through
day-to-day experiences and interactions.

Posture’s mission is to inspire a deeper and empathetic understanding of what non-binary
people experience on a daily basis.

The desire for this film is to function as a learning tool as Posture shows the joys of being seen,
and how it’s often the small things that can make a huge difference in someone’s life.

What’s in a Pronoun premiered during Posture’s content session at Cannes Lions where Winter
Mendelson (Founder, they/them), Asher Torres (Co-Founder, he/they), and Jesse Lackowitz
Crozier (Creative Producer, they/them), discussed identity, pronouns, and inclusivity on June
17, 2019.

Lead cast

  • Río Sylva they @ri02_
  • Richard Clark they/she/he @titsessence
  • Yên Nguyen they @bonjour.yen
  • Dylan Lopez they @ohheyitsdyl
  • Dexx Rushin-Mucker they/she/he @_d.e.x.x_

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