What It Took To Make Hyundai’s “Message To Space”

What It Took To Make Hyundai’s “Message To Space”
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Hyundai’s viral hit “A Message to Space” had a few hurdles to overcome before it could send a message from earth to space.

The ad features 11 Hyundai Genesis sedans carving out a love message in the arid Delamar Dry Lake in Nevada. The love note was from a 13 year old Houston girl, Stephanie, who wanted to send a message to her astronaut father who is currently working on the International Space Station.

Scott Noh, the head of the overseas marketing group for Hyundai Motor Co, discussed with Automotive News the inspiration and the difficulties in creating the ad.

Cars can connect people by physically moving them, but we focused more on the side of emotional connections regardless of the distance. While the farthest distance we could think of was between outer space and Earth, we came across Stephanie’s story.

Noh said that: “We, of course, faced a series of difficulties such as finding the optimal location, dealing with ever-changing weather conditions and driving 11 Genesis cars in a perfect synchronisation, to name a few.” 

It took one and a half months of preparation, and three days to film the cars creating the message on Delamar Dry Lake.

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