What Donald Trump Can Teach Us About Branding

What Donald Trump Can Teach Us About Branding

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One of the most famous entrepreneurs was in hot water this week after some of his controversial comments surrounding Mexicans. Sergio Pereira however reckons there's a lot we can learn about branding from the Trump himself.


Donald Trump is in hot water, and he should be. He has opened his mouth (yet again) and made comments that are offensive to immigrants, particularly those of Mexican origin.

Macy’s is dumping his product line, his beauty pageant has been booted from prime networks (Univision and NBC), Nascar will no longer hold ceremonies and parties at Doral, and other business deals will unravel.

I am sure his PR team is in full crisis mode , trying to persuade him to apologize, to donate some money to a college fund for Dreamers, to spin the whole thing and recast himself in a kinder, more reasonable light. But he hasn’t and he won’t.

He won’t because he knows what brand Trump stands for: loud, brash, direct, big, bold, obnoxious and irreverent.

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