Network 10 Upfronts: What 10’s Bringing To The Table In 2020

Network 10 Upfronts: What 10’s Bringing To The Table In 2020

It’s upfronts season and 10 has kicked things off with some big announcements about its 2020 programs and offerings.

Here is what you can expect from 10 next year.

A connected TV experience

Network 10 today announced an Australian-first partnership with You.i TV which will revolutionise the advertising and user experience for 10’s broadcast video on-demand platform (BVOD) app, 10 Play.

You.i TV is a leader in premium software development tools for addressing cross-platform app development.

The partnership will standardise the 10 Play app user experience across its video streaming platforms including Telstra TV, connected TVs, streaming media devices, game consoles and mobile and tablet apps.

It will also unlock powerful, new ad formats on the app, beyond pre and mid-roll ads.

Advertisers will have a choice of formats that can be passive, interactive or non-intrusive.

Network 10’s general manager – digital, Liz Baldwin said: “10 Play is having another record year as we continue to invest in the content and product capabilities on the platform.

“Having relaunched the 10 Play website earlier this year with an improved user and advertising experience, I’m really excited to be partnering with You.i TV to be transforming the audience experience for 10 Play on apps and connected devices.”

She continued: “This is a first of its kind partnership in this market.

“The You.i Engine One platform will simplify how we approach design and development of apps across multiple devices and platforms, making it much faster to reach audiences on whichever platform they choose to consume content, with a consistent customer experience.”

Network 10’s chief sales officer, Rod Prosser said: “It’s fantastic to be announcing this partnership as we eagerly await the roll-out of VOZ in Australia which will, for the first time, include audience consumption on connected TV.

“With a re-built 10 Play on the You.i Engine One platform, we will have the ability to control every pixel on-screen, effectively ‘monetising the glass’ by creating new ad solutions that go beyond the standard pre and mid-roll ads.

“Think overlay bugs, non-disruptive ad formats while a program is paused, and user interface integrations – this partnership will allow us to push the creative ad boundaries on 10 Play’s apps.

“I’m talking market-first opportunities.”

You.i TV boasts international clients such as AT&T, the NBA, the NFL and Twitch.

Co-founder and chief executive of You.i TV, Jason Flick said: “Re-imagining the customer experience to help engage users goes well beyond platform reach.

“The 10 Play program team are keenly focused on how best to  serve their audience – from where they watch, how they watch, and how they interact with both natural and sponsored content.

“Using our unified codebase approach, they can improve all aspects of the experience making every pixel count.”

The 10 Play app roll-out with You.i TV is currently underway with the first platforms expected to be live from mid-2020.

Check out this video for some ad execution examples:

Dynamic trading opportunities for advertisers through Buy10

Buy 10 is back to simplify ad planning and trading across 10’s playground of assets including 10, 10 Bold, 10 Peach, 10 Play, 10 Daily and 10 Speaks.

From today, 10 is unlocking dynamic advertising capabilities through its Buy10 platform, allowing advertisers to effectively target their ads across 10’s ecosystem, at scale.

Buy10 enables precision targeting, inventory optimisation and automated tracking, delivering advertisers more cost-effective campaigns.

In 2020, 10 will launch Buy10 YOU, a self-serve buying platform for small to medium sized enterprises to reach 10’s younger, more engaged audience.

10 will also launch real-time commercial availability on-demand in 2020, a market-first, to remove the friction of manual ad planning while providing greater transparency for advertisers.

Network 10’s chief sales officer, Rod Prosser said: “Buying across 10 just became refreshingly simple. With Buy10, advertisers will have complete end to end trading automation for their campaigns and total inventory optimisation – think about it as delivering 101 per cent of the audience you need.

“Our difference is our younger, more engaged audience, and we are making it easier to access this valuable target market effectively.”

Prosser continued: “10 has a rich history in innovation and in doing things differently.

“We were the first network to launch reality television, the pioneer in cooking formats and the first to introduce new advertising assets into the market from ‘Seriously Short Breaks’ to ‘Playouts’ to ‘Integrated Billboards’.

“When we launched Buy10 in the early noughties, we were first to market with a self-serve platform for media buyers which enabled them to view live commercial and programming information.

“Almost a decade later, we’re pumped to be rebooting the brand and platform, bigger and better than ever.”

The launch of Buy10 and 10’s dynamic advertising capabilities come less than a year after 10 brought its Sales team back in-house.

New data partners

Network 10 is continuing to roll out its data strategy at pace and today announced key data partnerships with Quantium, Eyeota and Greater Data.

These partnerships extend 10’s targeting capabilities across more industries, interests, behaviours and demographics focused firmly on purchase behaviour and intent, life stage triggers and in-market signals.

From November, advertisers will be able to target audiences in these premium segments overlayed with 10’s rich first party data on web, mobile and connected TVs for all Apple and Android devices.

Network 10’s chief sales officer Rod Prosser said: “We have a solid foundation of first party data on 10 Play and 10 Daily, both of which continue to achieve record audiences this year.

“We know more about our audiences than we ever have.

“Our ambition has been to work with market-leading data partners who deliver industry specialised offerings. The partnerships with Quantium, Eyeota and Greater Data help us become smarter with our targeting.”

Prosser continued: “They’re about extending our current capabilities to develop deeper, more effective solutions for advertisers, and they’re about getting the balance right so advertisers know who they’re engaging with, and reaching the people they want to, at scale.

“That’s the power of partnering with 10.”

He added: “When we re-launched our Sales team last year, we said we were accelerating our data strategy and that we were going to invest in a premium and differentiated data offering.

“With the support of CBS’ systems and technology, we have achieved this in less than a year.”

The partnership with Quantium will provide access to Q.Segments which accurately predict purchase behaviour and intent across a range of FMCG, retail, travel, lifestyle and household categories.

Quantium’s executive – media, Lawrence Puang said: “Quantium is proud to be partnering with another world class media company, Network 10.

“Advertisers can now leverage more than 400 Q.Segments on Network 10 platforms.

“Powered by more than 2.5 billion annual retail transactions, Q.Segments help advertisers reach their audience at the right time, with the right message, and with unrivalled accuracy and efficiency.”

The partnership with Eyeota will unlock access to an extensive range of premium data sources, including purchase behaviour and intent that spans all financial institutions.

Eyeota’s senior manager ANZ, data supply, Jimmy Aoun said: “We are excited to leverage our premium data partnerships to enhance Network 10’s understanding of their data and create new and exciting audience solutions.

“By linking premium intelligent purchase behaviour and intent data with Eyeota’s more than four billion unique user profiles worldwide and Network 10’s mass audience, we’re able to support Network 10’s position as data-driven leaders in the media & entertainment sector.”

The partnership with Greater Data will arm 10 at its core, providing robust, premium quality demographic data from a multitude of sources.

Greater Data’s founder and managing director, Georgie Brook said: “Greater Data’s strength is the breadth of our partnerships and the intelligent way we maintain our data assets.

“This partnership with 10 gives us the opportunity to lift previously offline datasets into digital media, at scale.”


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