Welcoming the presentation revolution

Welcoming the presentation revolution

Presentations have evolved and now offer marketers the opportunity to cut through to new audiences in a more visual and meaningful way. Are your presentations in need of an overhaul?

Paul Coelho (pictured), Sales Director of Slidemaster, offers his top five reasons why marketers should be looking at high impact presentations that can give strategy and brand messages new life.

1 – Cut through the competition

More than ever, brands need to differentiate to stand apart from the competition. Impact is the key to really make your presentation shine.

It’s a busy world, we are all guilty of judging a book by its cover. Positive perception is everything and we often don’t get a second opportunity to wow our audience. A powerful presentation can position your brand as innovative and original.

Studies suggest that three days after a face-to-face presentation only 10% of a group will recall what they heard, yet 65% will recall information from a presentation that uses both visual and oral elements.

Working to your brand and brief, a specialist presentation designer can create memorable presentations with an engaging look and feel, using powerful infographics, animations and illustrations to establish a genuine rapport with your audience.

2 –  It’s a powerful marketing tool

The humble presentation remains a staple and cost-effective tool in the marketer’s armour but it is rarely used to its full potential.

Even a basic upgrade to your standard presentation document can take your brand in a new direction and captivate your audience. A clever presentation with clear concepts will greatly improve the chance of your brand being heard.

A highly visual presentation brings a fresh perspective and will create a sense of pride for the presenter too. Your audience is bombarded by messages and information; why not make it easy for them to engage with your brand?

Now may be the right time to invest to get maximum value from your presentation.

3 – Sugar and milk, with your presentation?

Once upon a time, presentations were confined to the meeting room. Now there is no need to set up a meeting, we do business over coffee.

With the tablet, touch screen and smartphone revolution, presenters share their message whenever and wherever they are. The AIMIA estimated that in 2013, about 71% of Australian mobile phone owners also own a tablet, so there is a genuine opportunity to make the most of this technological trend.

Tablets are user-friendly and portable, and presentations have evolved to be versatile. Passing a tablet around a meeting is interactive and helps an audience truly engage with your presentation. 

 4 – Broadcasting your message worldwide

A quality presentation should have a much longer shelf life than just in the office.

Small businesses to large corporations can now deliver a great presentation to a worldwide audience by uploading them to SlideShare, which has become the world’s largest professional content sharing community with 60 million unique visitors a month and 3 billion slides viewed every month – we call it YouTube for presentations!

Marketers can maximise a presentation’s value by making the most of complementary social media platforms. Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn create multiple platforms to connect with your audience.

Sharing high impact presentations through online tools should be one of the main priorities in any digital marketing strategy. It truly has the potential to take your brand message worldwide.

5 – Bang for your buck

In this world of digital marketing, the key focus is creating cost-effective and value-added communications. High impact presentations are a vital tool for communications marketers looking for more sophisticated ways to reach their customers.

A presentation is far more than just slides. Investing in a high impact presentation will give you a state of the art marketing tool at a cost effective price that will hold your audience’s attention from start to finish. Done well, it can ultimately add to your company’s bottom line and play a supportive role to sales and brand engagement.

If you are not using a professional presentation specialist to create lively and engaging presentations that communicate clearly to your intended audience, you are missing out on a powerful marketing tool.   

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