Weekly Ad Roundup: The Good, The Bad And The Bees

Weekly Ad Roundup: The Good, The Bad And The Bees

This week it’s all about Rafael Nadal in his undies, anti-smoking youth campaign and bees, check out B&T’s weekly round up of advertising campaigns which are turning us on and off.

The Good


The latest Tommy Hilfiger ad features champion tennis star Rafael Nadal stripping down in a locker room.

‘Introducing the new face – and body – of our underwear collection. You’re welcome!’ Tommy Hilfiger wrote on Twitter. Thankyou Hilfiger, now we’re going to have a cold shower.

The Bad

The latest anti-smoking ad features unicorns vomiting rainbows, a talking cat and a talking seal. Maybe these kids should be worried about the acid which is clearly in their drinks.

“This is a bit of a broadening of the conversation for us,” said Eric Asche, chief marketing officer of the American Legacy Foundation, the organisation behind the Truth campaign. “We have started to see success around driving down cigarette use, but our fear is that it’s a a transference of the behaviour to other products.”

The Bees

Probably one of the stranger ways to promote your audio product is to stick a microphone inside an active beehive.

In an ad for Bowers & Wilkins,  sound recordist Sam Nightingale captures audio of bees working and then plays it back to them through the brand’s T7 Bluetooth speaker, which features a honeycomb trim, to see how they respond.

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