Weekly Ad Round-Up: The Good, The Bad & The “What The Hell Were They Thinking?”

Weekly Ad Round-Up: The Good, The Bad & The “What The Hell Were They Thinking?”

This week it’s all about babies pooping in slow motion, a man dressed up as a giant penis and anti-marriage equality people spurting anti-marriage equality nonsense. Here is B&T’s best, worst and, quite frankly, WTF of advertising for the week.

The Good

Who knew watching babies poop could be so entertaining!

Set to the classic score Thus Spoke Zarathustra by Strauss, the film charts in high definition and in super slow motion (400fps), a big moment in ten young babies lives: doing their first steamer.

The Bad

There are so many reasons why this ad sucks! Firstly, the tacky inspirational music. Secondly, the overall idea that people are being persecuted for not having their message of homophobia and intolerance listened to and celebrated.

Thirdly, the way the video films these people as if they are ‘coming out’ as anti-gay. Lastly, it sounds a lot like a bunch of people saying they aren’t bigoted or homophobic, while at the same time being bigoted and homophobic.


Nothing says ‘safe sex’ like a man dressed as a penis shooting yellow confetti all over strangers.

According to Norwegian sex education charity RFSU almost 23,000 Norwegians contract chlamydia every year. The stunt was meant to highlight the campaign’s message that a “Penis Can Surprise You”.

Pernille Berg of the Involve! advertising agency, who produced a video for the campaign, said: “People understood the humour in our message, although many, especially those over 30, thought the campaign was pointless and some went so far as to brand it banal and idiotic.”

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