Wedding Ring Company Launches Same-Sex Couples In New Ad Campaign

Wedding Ring Company Launches Same-Sex Couples In New Ad Campaign

Wedding ring company Eternal by Mondial is soon to launch an ad campaign showing its support for same-sex marriage, featuring same-sex couples in the ads.

The campaign is set to appear in various glossy magazines such as GQ and Harpers Bazaar Bridal.

“All love is equal so I see no reason why marriage is not an equal right offered in Australia. I am hoping the ‘All Love is Equal’ campaign will strike a chord in the hearts of Australians and have them further recognise that a couple in love is not always made up of a man and woman,” said Nadia Neuman, creative director of the Mondial Jewellery Group.

Check out the ads below.

All Love is Equal- Allison & Stacey All is Equal- Trevor, Stuart and Lola

The ad campaign comes hot on the heels of a dramatic week in marriage equality.

In politics, Wednesday morning saw the Coalition decided to keep its stance on opposing same-sex marriage, leading Prime Minster Tony Abbott to declare anyone who opposed this view could be sacked.

And in media, over the weekend Seven and Ten denied air space to an organisation Marriage Alliance who had created ads opposing same-sex marriage.

While Marriage Alliance accused the networks of ‘black-banning’ the ads, Seven said it was due to a matter of not having enough space to accommodate the booking.

Foxtel showed the ad, however has faced numerous consumer complaints on its Facebook page about the subscription company’s choice to run the spots.

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